Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty is reported to have shouted at her husband Raj Kundra when the Mumbai Police arrived to search the couple’s house as part of its investigation into Kundra for his alleged involvement in the creation and distribution of pornographic content.

According to NDTV, police sources shared that Shetty shouted at Kundra and asked, “We have everything, what was the need to do all this?” Her husband had been brought home for the first time since his arrest on charges of allegedly producing and streaming porn content through mobile apps. He was remanded into judicial custody for 14 days soon after.

The publication said that according to its sources, Shetty also said “the family’s reputation had been ruined, their endorsements in the industry were being cancelled and that she had to give up many projects” because of the case. She also talked about incurring financial losses.

The police have investigated Shetty twice to determine whether she was also involved in the case along with her husband. However, there is no evidence linking Shetty to the case nor has she been named by any witnesses.

Nine people, including a close associate of Kundra, have been arrested along with the businessman. Four of Kundra’s employees have turned against him to testify as witnesses. The witnesses have said that Kundra forced them to delete clips from HotShots, the businessman’s controversial app that the police believe was used to stream pornographic content.

The police claim that Kundra “is not cooperating” with the investigation and has challenged his arrest before the Bombay High Court.