In the upcoming episode of Indian Idol, Shehnaaz Gill will talk about why she ran away from home.

She will make an appearance on the Senior Citizen Special episode of Indian Idol on December 17, 2022, on Sony Entertainment Television.

While talking to contestant Debosmita Roy, she will be seen opening up about families not being supportive of working women and how difficult it gets for women to achieve their goals.

Sony shared the promo of the upcoming episode on social media.

In a conversation with Debosmita, Shehnaaz Gill said: “There are very few families in our country who support working women.

“Mai apne sapnon ko poora karne ke liye ghar se bhaag gayi thi (In order to fulfil my dreams, I ran away from my home).

“Debosmita, you are very lucky to have such supportive parents.

“Always stand by them and make them proud.”

She continued further and said: “I recently took my mother on her first international trip to Dubai and the feeling was surreal.

“It always feels great to do something for your parents.”