Pakistani actress Sehar Shinwari took to X and promised to go on a date with a Bangladeshi man.

She has been following the ICC World Cup and was not happy after India thrashed Pakistan on October 14, 2023.

Sehar is now hoping that Bangladesh will defeat India in their match, which takes place on October 19.

Her support for Bangladesh has become so high that she has promised to go on a date with a Bangladeshi citizen.

She took to X and posted: “Inshallah my Bangali Bandu will avenge us in the next match.

“I will go to Dhaka and have a fish dinner date with Bengali boy if their team manages to beat India.”

Her tweet received a mixed response, with some suitors hopeful that Bangladesh is victorious and Sehar picks them.

However, others mocked her for putting her hopes on Bangladesh after her home country could not beat India.

One user said: “While we Indians will Never mind our Bangladesh Brothers winning… but look at Pakistan.

“Now the country is sending their B Team to defeat India !!! This is the joke of ICC World Cup 2023 !!


Making fun of Sehar’s proposal, one person asked:

“Why will a Bengali guy entertain you? First, tell me that.”

Meanwhile, Sehar has predicted that India will exit the World Cup at the semi-final stage, saying that New Zealand will defeat them.

She has also claimed that New Zealand will face off against Pakistan in the final, adding that Babar Azam will be the player of the tournament.

Sehar’s tweet read: “Prediction: Indian team will be eliminated from the World Cup 2023 in the quarterfinals.

“Finals will be played between Pakistan and New Zealand Team.

“Babar Azam will be declared man of the tournament.”

Sehar Shinwari shot to fame on social media for her TikTok videos and Instagram Reels.

Born in Hyderabad, Sehar appeared in the comedy show Sair Sawa Sair.

The actress has also hosted a morning show.

Following Pakistan’s loss, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has lodged a formal protest with the ICC.

On social media, the PCB said:

“The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has lodged another formal protest with the ICC over delays in visas for Pakistani journalists and the absence of a visa policy for Pakistan fans for the ongoing World Cup 2023.

“The PCB has also filed a complaint regarding inappropriate conduct targeted at the Pakistan squad during the India vs Pakistan match held on 14 October 2023.”