Dating shows have historically been dominated by western spaces, however, pockets of South Asian representation are now opening up, but is it enough?

With an increased focus on equal representation across the television industry, it appears dating shows are still falling behind.

Dating shows across the UK, US and Australia, either have little or no representation of South Asians at all and often miss the mark on accurately portraying individuals.

DESIblitz looks at South Asian representation across different dating shows and how they may appear limited.

South Asian Representation

Why is Desi Representation on Dating Shows Limited? - 2The reality TV industry is very much a white-dominated space with TV screens predominantly featuring white individuals or only individuals who fit Eurocentric beauty standards.

The lack of authentic South Asian representation in reality TV, especially dating shows, is nothing new and has been a point of criticism and debate regarding several shows.

The hit ITV reality dating show, Love Island has been one show in particular that has come under fire for its lack of diversity, inaccurate representation and tokenism of people of colour.

Despite its criticism, Love Island is one of the few dating shows that has featured South Asian representation albeit only a little.

Why is Desi Representation on Dating Shows Limited? - 1As previously mentioned, South Asian representation on dating shows has its limits, especially when it comes to accurate representation.

However, the premise of many of these dating shows involves actively applying for them and then getting picked to be on the show.