There was once a time when Maula Jatt of 1979 was considered to be the last greatest film of the Pakistani film industry.

That is until The Legend of Maula Jatt hit the cinemas.

The Legend of Maula Jatt may have borrowed the characters and story from the original, but its portrayal is beyond excellence.

The Pakistani and international audience reactions to the film and box-office numbers prove this.

The story and key characters in this film followed by the euphoria after its release is what makes the film so unique.

The acting of key Pakistani stars in the roles they play catapults the audience into a historical time of power, greed, revenge and differences.

The film is indeed symbolic of the praise it contributes to Pakistan cinema. Injecting a new life into the industry.

But what is it that makes The Legend of Maula Jatt so iconic and compelling?

We explore the attributes that elevate this Pakistani film production to the glory it has achieved.

Local and Global Success

Why is The Legend of Maula Jatt so Iconic? - 1

Had it not been for COVID-19, the film would have made it to the cinema much earlier.

However, it seems 2022 was the right time for the film. As opposed to its critics, the film’s success has proved itself by its own merits.

It was not just the cinematics, story, and marketing, but how it was received by audiences worldwide.

The success echoed not just in Pakistan but in the UK and international cinemas.

The film has proven the potential Pakistani cinema has to offer. It is not just limited to the nation but globally.

Bilal Lashari’s storytelling proves to us all how a remake can still have a cult following.

As per, the film has made over $3.5 million locally. It does not stop there, making the film an international sensation. How so?

The film has generated over $5.3 million internationally. The amount proves that the film has surpassed the expectations of Pakistani and Indian fans.