YouTuber Iqra Kanwal suffered trolling after sharing pictures from her wedding celebrations.

Iqra is one of five sisters that make up the YouTube channel Sistrology, which has over three million subscribers.

Eager fans of the YouTube family have been following their journey for some time and when it was announced that Iqra was getting married, fans expressed their joy.

Iqra married Areeb Pervaiz in a series of magical events hosted by her family, and fans were treated to the festivities of each event with continuous YouTube uploads as well as Instagram posts.

Although many fans thought Iqra made a beautiful bride at all her events, there was a handful of comments that suggested otherwise.

YouTuber Iqra Kanwal trolled over Wedding Looks

Recently, Iqra was trolled for her Baraat look which saw the bride dressed in a deep red lehenga, consisting of a short blouse and fitted skirt heavily embellished with muted gold embroidery.

Iqra wore a matching dupatta and elegantly draped a gold scarf on her shoulder, giving an elegant contrast to the outfit.

However, Iqra found herself faced with negative criticism for her outfit and makeup choice.

One follower wrote: “There is no beauty as a bride, as you have spent every single day with this man leading up to your wedding.

“You look like you are doing a campaign, not your wedding. Such a shame. Also, the ugliest jewellery in the world.”

Another commented: “She is not looking nice at all. She has the same style at every event.”

A third said: “She kept talking about designers in her vlog but none of her dresses were any good.”

After sharing pictures from her Walima, Iqra was again trolled.

YouTuber Iqra Kanwal trolled over Wedding Looks 2

Iqra Kanwal wore a light peach gown with silver embroidery, complete with a dupatta and long trail.

But fans were yet again disappointed with the reveal and one in particular pointed fingers at her makeup artist.

The comment read:

“Just a simple question for the MUA. What the hell were you thinking whilst making this hairstyle?”

“Even street salons are making softer and more beautiful hair do’s.”

Another wrote: “The hairstyle and eye makeup has destroyed the look.”

Although there have been many negative comments, fans came forward to defend Iqra, highlighting that it was her choice.

One fan wrote: “Shame on you guys for bashing them on their big day!

“If you don’t like them don’t watch them.

“Stop spreading negativity everywhere and ruining someone’s big day with your mean comments. It isn’t sarcasm!

“You don’t like someone or their look, keep it to yourself!

“I hope you get the same comments on your big day, and then you’ll know how much it affects other people!

“Have some basic ethics, and grow up, it’s almost 2024!”