Yumna Zaidi was spotted at Iqra University, apparently promoting her upcoming film, Nayab. However, netizens have found it to be inappropriate.

Yumna has captivated her audiences with her remarkable performances on the screen.

With her natural acting prowess and versatility, she has become a household name in the entertainment industry.

However, recently, Yumna Zaidi has found herself at the centre of a swirling controversy that has been making headlines.

It all started when a video of her at Iqra University went viral, leaving people divided and sparking intense discussions.

The video has since then been circulating on various social platforms.

The trailer for the highly anticipated film, Nayab, has already been released. It has generated excitement among her fans.

However, the video from the promotional event has generated a wave of discontent among some fans.

In the video, Yumna can be seen playfully kissing T-shirts and throwing them at male attendees.

This unexpected gesture has left some fans disappointed and questioning the appropriateness of her actions.

It seems like Yumna’s actions in the video have generated quite a strong reaction from the public.

Many people are expressing their disapproval, labelling it as a quest for cheap fame. They believe that she should consider her religious values and act accordingly.

One follower said: “I have always found Yumna decent compared to other celebrities. She disappointed me.”

Another wrote: “I have always loved her for her innocence I don’t know what happened to her.”

One commented: “Pathetic and vulgar behaviour just like every other celebrity.”

Another said: “She needed attention now she is in everyone’s eyes.”

Some people thought that the hater’s reactions were a bit extreme.

One of them wrote:

“People are overreacting in my opinion. It is not a big deal.”

However, there were not many comments in her favour on this video.


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As if the hateful comments were not enough, a lot of people have also decided to boycott Yumna’s film Nayab.

It appears that the promotional event has worked against her as she is losing followers and supporters over this.

The critics thought everything was fine until she kissed the shirts and threw them at the male audience.