Zeba Bakhtiar spoke about her divorce from Adnan Sami and the subsequent custody battle over their son.

The actress revealed that Adnan Sami was not her first husband.

Zeba explained that she first got married when she was 19. But she got separated within a year.

After divorce, she began her acting career.

During this time, she met Adnan.

Zeba spoke of the time she married Adnan Sami and left her career in order to give undivided attention to her family.

Zeba said: “When I got married to Adnan, I was wrapping up a few films. At that time I wasn’t interested in continuing to act.

“I wanted to write, maybe produce. I wasn’t that involved in acting.

Then I married Adnan and Azaan was born, I was totally invested in that. But when the marriage didn’t work out, I started doing productions and other projects.”

Zeba also shed light on the bitter custody battle involving her son, which lasted 18 months, and the toll it took on her mental health.

She recalled: “I lost my mind. I was functioning because that coping mechanism comes from somewhere, but I was not all there.

“It was very difficult. But I am thankful I got back with Azaan. It was 18 months of this custody battle.

“I wasn’t working during that time, but a few friends of mine told me to work for my own sanity. There was a friend who was doing a serial in England and I joined the same show.

“I went to London for a few months to shoot that.”

Zeba Bakhtiar also spoke about raising her son Azaan in a broken home and how she continued to stay positive despite everything that was taking place in her life.

She ensured her son did not turn against his father as this was unnecessary in her parenting style.